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    1 Just leave these "another apps" alone )))) 
     1Just leave these "another apps" alone - we're talking about MC bug )))) 
    22There's a problem with the cursor scrolling direction in MC and it's clear - when user drags fingers down, cursor moves up and vice versa. It's a bug and it shall be fixed asap. The fast way to fix is either to disable scrolling at all or to add the setting I proposed. As for me, the decision is clear. 
    88About my patch - sure, I removed some "spaghetti code" and added some "if" statements - maybe it's a bit confusing, but I surely didn't add anything that could produce warnings - just because there's no place to do so )))) Looking in the code I dare to suppose these warnings lasts from the 1995, they look so familiar like I've seen them all before ))) 
    99I can do the diff as well as you could, but I'm not familiar with the code so my changes just an example how to fix this bug and I supposed someone else who knows code better will implement it in the "MC way". Ok, will add the diff in 5 minutes, I'm writing this from my laptop and sources are on the another computer, just give me 5 mins and I'll made it.