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Introduce a tester for extfs helpers

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Here's a tester intended to test the "list" command of extfs helpers.

(Others would use the phrase "test framework" instead of "tester". I'm trying to sound friendly.)

I provide with it tests for uzip, urar, uzoo, and lslR. That's to demonstrate the power of the tester. If this tester gets merged into MC I'll provide tests for more helpers (anybody could, though; it's very easy).


The dire problem of us not currently having tests for covering extfs has been mentioned several times here.

How it works

The tester works by feeding the testers example input, parsing their output and comparing it to the known correct output.

To understand this better, I uploaded the tester here for easier browsing; specifically:

  • See the README (html format).
  • See the data directory. The purpose of the '.input' and '.output' files should be self evident even if you don't read the docs.
  • As you'll shortly see, each helper needs a very minor modification to make it possible to feed it "fake" input.

How it looks like

(a) Either do "make check"; or:
(b) Run the tester directly, with "run", to see colorful output:

(b1) ...when everything works alright:


(b2) ...when some helper has a bug:


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