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bug after FTP disconnect - stray slash copied to beginning of URL

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Component: mc-vfs Version: 4.8.16
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after connecting to a FTP url (for demonstration purposes, let's say the URL is ftp://foo/bar), and waiting for like 10 minutes to be sure that the remote end disconnected you, the following message pops up when you for example try to change directory:

Cannot chdir to "/ftp://foo/bar"
Remote I/O error (121)

Note the extraneous slash that's copied to the beginning of the URL.
from that point on, FTP functionality is completely broken,
opening the menu with F9 and doing another "FTP link", and using the same address as previously, the same error pops up.
somehow this stray slash gets into the way and cannot be removed.
the only workaround is to close mc and open it again.

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by andrew_b

First, please report bugs of latest release. Latest release is 4.8.17.
Second, the diagnostics is completely wrong.
Leading slash is not some ftp-specific stuff. Leading slash means the root of mc's VFS layer. It can't be the reason of broken FTP functionality.
Let's discuss this bug using real ftp server, not ftp://foo/bar, because cd to ftp://foo/bar immediately returns "Cannot chdir to "/ftp://foo/bar" without any "Remote I/O error (121)".

comment:2 in reply to: ↑ description Changed 5 years ago by andrew_b

Replying to foobarbaz:

the only workaround is to close mc and open it again.

Try menu Command->"Active VFS list", select current FTP connection and press "Free VFSs now". Then connect to FTP server again.

comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by foobarbaz

oh sorry, i wasn't aware of .17 out yet.
anyway, you can trigger the bug with "ftp://ftp.adobe.com".
the workaround you describe doesn't work for me (in .16); the ftp item stays in the VFS list.

comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by andrew_b

  • Component changed from mc-core to mc-vfs

comment:5 Changed 5 years ago by foobarbaz

ok, with .17 the situation is slightly different.
the situation i described above is partially fixed: after the remote disconnect happens, when selecting a directory on the FTP, a new connection seems to be made.
I can however trigger a variation of the bug by selecting ".." on the top of the ftp servers panel, which brings me to the local filesystem. from there on any attempt to reconnect to the ftp fails.
closing the VFS with the workaround you described leads to the message "ftpfs: Disconnecting from ftp.adobe.com" and an infinite wait. MC doesn't react anymore.

comment:6 Changed 7 months ago by andrew_b

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