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Lower [hardlink]'s precedence

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On my system I noticed that sometimes files (pictures, vids) aren't colored according to their types:


...as seen here, some 'png' files and one 'flv' aren't colored. It turns out that these files have 2 or more links pointing to them (see the "nlink" column in the screenshot). I don't know why these files have 2 links. It happens to be an NTFS partition. Maybe it's not uncommon there to find such things.

Now, look at filehighlight.ini:


"[hardlink]" comes before "[graph]", which is why (I think) it gets precedence.

So I think we should move the [hardlink] section to the bottom of the file. Why? It demands too much cognitive effort of the user to have colors serve two different purposes (indicating either filesystem-type or application-type). Unless hardlinks are shown in *very* distinctive colors (something no default skin does), common users won't "get" them.

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I apologize for submitting this ticket twice (or thrice, or frice; gods only know how many times I reloaded that page...). I didn't notice the "Please DON'T create ticket again and again if you get error from nginx!!!" warning on the front page.

(BTW, I remember encountering network problems with this site long ago, so I wonder what era the "Currently" in "Currently we have come problems with our web server" refers to.)


My ticket (the one I submitted earlier) was marked as dup of #3234 ("filehighlight doesn't work for hardlinks"). It isn't: whether filehighlight for hardlinks works or not doesn't matter: I just want the [hardlink] section to be moved to the bottom in the INI file. (I assume that the order of the sections in that file is the one reflected in mc_fhl_get_color.)

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