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    initial v18  
    11Midnight Commander's color/skin engine often reuses the same color definition for multiple elements on the UI. This unnecessarily limits the possibilities when playing with colors. 
    32See the list below for many examples. Please split all of them into separate color definition keywords. This would allow them to have different colors (and even different attributes, such as underline, if the patch in ticket #2169 gets accepted). 
    53[core]->marked is used in at least three places: for the header of the panels ("'n Name | Size | Modify time"), for files selected with Insert, and for bold font when viewing a preformatted manual page. These three contexts have nothing in common. For the header of the panels, I'd like to have a modest color (probably the same as mc's base colors), because they are always shown and have no reason to be highlighted. Selecting a file is something special, I'd like these selected files to have a really outstanding color with bold font, maybe even a different background. I'd like to have a third pair or colors/attributes for bold in manpages. 
    74The F2 and Alt-e menus use [menu]->menuhot for their title. Dialog and history boxes use [dialog]->dhotnormal. Error boxes use [error]->errdhotnormal for their title. This means if I wish to underline the hotkeys, the title is necessarily underlined, too. In all three cases, the title's color should be a separate new entry, independently of the hotkey colors or any other currently defined colors. 
    95Prompts using the error color scheme (e.g. confirming file deletion) use [error]->_default_ and [error]->errdhotnormal for the non-selected button. For the selected button, the hotkey is colored [error]->errdhotnormal. However, I cannot specify the color for the rest of the selected button: it is always [core]->reverse, the same color as used for the current directory at the very top of the active panel. This is yet again not logical at all, a new color [error]->errdfocus should be used here. 
    116The [caret] symbols to open history are always colored [core]->_default_. In dialogs I'd prefer if I could specify a color matching the dialog's color scheme. Using the panels' main color gives the feeling as if the dialog box was punched here showing whatever's behind.