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Make all options in mc.ini older than august 2009 available from configuring dialogs

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(Excuse me for my bad English)

In ideal all options in mc.ini should be available from configuring dialogs, from text user interface.

In real life, some time will exist before new options from mc.ini will be added to TUI dialogs. I suggest review configuration dialogs from time to time.
For example, make all options in mc.ini older than august 2009 available from configuring dialogs.

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comment:1 Changed 14 years ago by bilbo

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  • Version changed from 4.7.0-pre1 to 4.7.0-pre3

I've done some quick research in the source code and it seems that following options present in .mc/ini does not have any dialog to set them:

From int_options []:

    { "pause_after_run", &pause_after_run },
    { "clear_before_exec", &clear_before_exec },
    { "fast_reload_msg_shown", &fast_reload_w },
    { "mouse_repeat_rate", &mou_auto_repeat },
    { "double_click_speed", &double_click_speed },
    { "confirm_view_dir", &confirm_view_dir },
    { "mouse_move_pages", &mouse_move_pages },
    { "mouse_move_pages_viewer", &mcview_mouse_move_pages },
    { "mouse_close_dialog", &mouse_close_dialog},
    { "fast_refresh", &fast_refresh },
    { "wrap_mode",  &mcview_global_wrap_mode},
    { "old_esc_mode", &old_esc_mode },
    { "max_dirt_limit", &mcview_max_dirt_limit },
    { "torben_fj_mode", &torben_fj_mode },
    { "use_file_to_guess_type", &use_file_to_check_type },
    { "alternate_plus_minus", &alternate_plus_minus },
    { "only_leading_plus_minus", &only_leading_plus_minus },
    { "show_output_starts_shell", &output_starts_shell },
    { "panel_scroll_pages", &panel_scroll_pages },
    { "xtree_mode", &xtree_mode },
    { "num_history_items_recorded", &num_history_items_recorded },
    { "skip_check_codeset", &skip_check_codeset },
    { "ftpfs_retry_seconds", &ftpfs_retry_seconds },
    { "ftpfs_use_unix_list_options", &ftpfs_use_unix_list_options },
    { "ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls", &ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls },
    { "fish_directory_timeout", &fish_directory_timeout },
    { "editor_line_state", &option_line_state },
    { "editor_simple_statusbar", &simple_statusbar },
    { "horizontal_split",   &horizontal_split },
    { "mcview_remember_file_position", &mcview_remember_file_position },
    { "reverse_files_only", &reverse_files_only },

From layout []:

    { "output_lines", &output_lines },

This have two disadvantages:

  • You have to manually edit it in .mc/ini
  • You can't change it while mc is running

I think some "Advanced option" dialog containing all these options (since there are lot of them to fit on most screens, the dialog will need either to have tabs or be scrollable) could be added and in future, every option that is not important enough to be in the basic settings could be put there.

comment:2 Changed 14 years ago by slavazanko

  • Type changed from enhancement to task

Well... IMHO better way: options like mozilla/firefox (about:config) with filter/search feature.

In this case, all options will able to configure, even poor documented.

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