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#3203 [patch] mcedit: replace dialog doesn't remember last entered replacement string mcedit 4.8.12 defect new 04/29/14
#3205 Failed copy/move operations make ETA inaccurate mc-core master defect new 05/02/14
#3215 Mcedit cursor takes more space on russian letters mcedit master defect new 05/14/14
#3222 Shell Link to minimal Centos 6 doesn't work mc-core defect new 06/16/14
#3229 copying wrapped line from mcview adds EOL when pasting mcview 4.8.19 defect new 06/26/14
#3255 Inconsistent Unicode normalization mc-core master defect new 08/26/14
#3278 Info panel should follow symlinks mc-core master defect new 09/29/14
#3280 [patch] mcview: search off-by-one between plain and hex modes mcview master defect new 10/04/14
#3413 Info panel: contents overflow to the border mc-core master defect new 03/07/15
#3482 Editor ignore tabs filed with spaces mcedit 4.8.14 defect new 06/13/15
#3531 roff underline+bold not recognized mcview master defect new 10/01/15
#3542 [patch] fix /src/editor testsuite failure when ncurses is used mc-core master defect new 10/21/15
#3608 [PATCH] mc.hint: remove duplicate files translations master defect new 03/13/16
#3627 sharp is not escaping on M-Enter mc-core master defect new 03/29/16
#3638 Fix LINGUAS to contain `en@quot*` catalogs translations master defect new 04/30/16
#3656 incorrect handling of ftp symlinks mc-vfs defect new 06/19/16
#3679 proper forking of xdg-open mc-core master defect new 08/21/16
#3688 Midnight Commander - SFTP - Raspberry Pi 2/3 mc-vfs 4.8.17 defect new 09/15/16
#3764 Viewer: mouse click scrolls twice mcview master defect new 01/26/17
#3765 Viewer: mouse click scrolling vs error dialog mcview master defect new 01/26/17
#3809 Configured codepage ignored mc-core master defect new 04/17/17
#3823 Delay when browsing through the command history mc-core 4.8.19 defect new 05/09/17
#3845 replace brightblue in syntax files mcedit master defect new 08/01/17
#3851 update patch extfs for diffutils 3.3 change mc-vfs 4.8.19 defect new 09/01/17
#3858 Rotating dash location not updated after initial resize mc-core master defect new 09/24/17
#3866 building as root breaks the tests tests master defect new 10/01/17
#3891 When nothing is typed for macro %{some text} in a user menu entry, the rest of the script is not run mc-core master defect new 12/21/17
#3912 Update xls2csv usage since it's called with invalid parameters mc-core master defect new 04/10/18
#3932 [Perl syntax] Symbol "#" parsed as comment in regular expressions mcedit 4.8.21 defect new 08/17/18
#3934 extfs.d/uzip should ignore unzip exit code mc-vfs master defect new 08/22/18
#3968 Version sort does not respect case sensitivity mc-core 4.8.22 defect new 02/06/19
#3970 No help for "File exists" dialog documentation master defect new 02/17/19
#3978 Spaces depended behavior of syntax highlight mcedit 4.8.21 defect new 04/08/19
#4021 mc term title not restored after subshell or external editor mc-core master defect new 09/29/19
#4059 YAML syntax highlight is broken on multiline blocks mcedit 4.8.24 defect new 02/01/20
#4066 Mess in shell history mc-core 4.8.24 defect new 02/25/20
#4072 mcedit anchored regex line matching inconsistencies mcedit 4.8.24 defect new 03/28/20
#4119 Cannot scroll panel listing upwards using mouse mc-core 4.8.25 defect new 09/30/20
#4164 Cannot bind Alt-/ nor Shift-Tab for [listbox] mc-core master defect new 12/31/20
#4172 Input line history doesn't keep space-only items mc-core master defect new 01/11/21
#4188 Warning: Cannot change to <path>.. with Fish shell mc-core 4.8.26 defect new 01/26/21
#4190 mc-wrapper.sh.in should not (test "$MC_PWD" != "$PWD") mc-core master defect new 01/28/21
#4301 help page broken with "-a" on a restricted shell mc-core 4.8.19 defect new 11/12/21
#3 savannah: VFS optimization request mc-vfs master enhancement new 12/24/08
#18 savannah: extend instead of removing selection mcedit master enhancement new 12/25/08
#28 savannah: syntax highlighting in viewer wanted mcview master enhancement new 12/25/08
#34 [FtReq] DAR archive support mc-vfs enhancement new 12/25/08
#39 savannah: viewer position from "find file" dialog vs. parsed files mcview enhancement new 12/25/08
#80 savannah: chown editor usability improvement suggestions mc-core enhancement new 12/26/08
#88 savannah: Integration of SMB-Share-Browsing mc-vfs master enhancement new 12/26/08
#231 Initial Friendly Interactive SHell support mc-core master enhancement assigned 02/01/09
#289 Copy to temp panel mc-vfs 4.6.2 enhancement new 03/02/09
#1447 Wrap long lines in editor mcedit 4.7.0-pre1 enhancement new 08/03/09
#1449 Tail -f like viewer/viewing of files mc-core master enhancement new 08/03/09
#1465 Scroll file names and changing size of panels with arrows mc-core 4.7.0-pre1 enhancement new 08/05/09
#1480 Home key behavior in editor mcedit 4.7.0-pre1 enhancement assigned 08/06/09
#1493 #sh should start in the user's remote home dir, consistently with rsh/ssh mc-vfs master enhancement assigned 08/07/09
#1511 User-defined user interface themes mc-skin 4.7.0-pre3 enhancement new 08/09/09
#1518 The directory tree: add [+] / [-] or ▶ / ▼ labels mc-core 4.7.0-pre1 enhancement assigned 08/09/09
#1633 New syntax and extension configuration mc-config-ini master enhancement new 09/21/09
#1640 descript.ion support mc-core master enhancement new 09/25/09
#1658 Please change unknown.syntax to something more useful, see the attachment mcedit 4.7.0-pre3 enhancement assigned 10/03/09
#1670 Color sources for some GUI elements mc-skin 4.7.0-pre3 enhancement new 10/04/09
#1677 [METATICKET] Package-friendly configuration system (".d" support for rpm/deb based systems) mc-core 4.7.0-pre3 enhancement new 10/05/09
#1684 Rename operation behaviour is not natural to file managers mc-core 4.7.0-pre3 enhancement new 10/09/09
#1688 Warn if opened file can't be written mcedit 4.7.0-pre3 enhancement assigned 10/09/09
#1737 editor(viewer?): add support for forcing file charset as commandline option mc-core master enhancement new 10/26/09
#1745 Add editor options also to main Options menu mc-core master enhancement new 10/27/09
#1777 Can't view device files mcview 4.7.0-pre4 enhancement new 11/01/09
#1801 left/right arrow behavior inconsistent with "Cursor beyond end of line" mcedit master enhancement reopened 11/07/09
#1847 multiline vertical move mcedit 4.7.0-pre4 enhancement assigned 11/27/09
#1850 F5-enhancement: multiline vertical down-copy mcedit 4.7.0-pre4 enhancement assigned 11/28/09
#1852 Support for ACL? mc-core 4.7.0-pre4 enhancement new 11/30/09
#1879 restore previous selection mc-core 4.7.0-pre4 enhancement new 12/18/09
#1907 F5/F6 append filename to path in "to:" input mc-core master enhancement assigned 12/27/09
#2015 Create destination directory when moving file to non-existent directory mc-core master enhancement new 02/10/10
#2047 Add an option "Don't traverse mounted file systems" for "File find" mc-core master enhancement new 02/21/10
#2089 diff via "File exists" dialog mc-core master enhancement new 03/06/10
#2109 Vertical lines on the mc panels do not properly stick into the bottom line mc-core master enhancement new 03/17/10
#2130 mcedit default indentation settings cause mixture of tabs and spaces mcedit master enhancement new 04/04/10
#2133 [PATCH] Allow user to setup zsh subshell with rc-files mc-core 4.6.2 enhancement new 04/06/10
#2148 Support for --with-slang-static option mc-core 4.7.1 enhancement new 04/19/10
#2156 Run editor from viewer mcview master enhancement assigned 04/27/10
#2176 Safe delete improvement mc-core master enhancement new 05/06/10
#2207 tree view: hidden subdirectories mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2208 tree view: unfolding hidden subdirectories mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2209 tree view: speed up detection of subdirectories mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2210 tree view: display symlinked directories mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2211 tree view: forget everything but this mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2214 tree view: folding/collapsing makes tree_navigation_flag less useful mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/22/10
#2215 tree view: unfold recursively mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/22/10
#2217 tree view: to consider - making clickable hot spots in tree view mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/22/10
#2218 tree view: add mouse scroll support mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/22/10
#2240 Background jobs queue (aka: file copy queue) mc-core master enhancement new 06/14/10
#2268 Output to stderr should be captured on run and displayed as pop-up (configurable) mc-core master enhancement assigned 07/10/10
#2308 Consolidate regular expressions in Syntax file and rewrite introductory comments mcedit master enhancement zaytsev new 08/11/10
#2310 When moving mc queues delete operations and performs them only if copy is completed sucesfully mc-core enhancement new 08/15/10
#2329 Whitespace-only sequences not remembered mc-core 4.7.3 enhancement new 08/26/10
#2334 QuickView panel is not using extention file rules mc-core 4.7.3 enhancement new 08/28/10
#2346 Sync PHP syntax highlighting with up do date language keywords mcedit master enhancement zaytsev accepted 09/11/10
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