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#3068 Vim's modeline support / tabulation settings per-file mcedit master Future Releases enhancement new 09/03/13
#3147 Virtual Squashfs Support mc-vfs master Future Releases enhancement new 01/11/14
#4065 VolkovCommander-like chain menu mc-core 4.8.24 Future Releases enhancement new 02/25/20
#1688 Warn if opened file can't be written mcedit 4.7.0-pre3 Future Releases enhancement assigned 10/09/09
#2011 Warning at the entrance to the archive mc-vfs master Future Releases enhancement new 02/07/10
#2581 When an archive file grows to a certain size, some text files cannot be opened by MC mc-vfs 4.8.0-pre1 Future Releases defect new 07/22/11
#4011 when mc is in "ascii" mode it still launches mcedit in extended mode mcedit master Future Releases defect new 08/29/19
#2310 When moving mc queues delete operations and performs them only if copy is completed sucesfully mc-core Future Releases enhancement new 08/15/10
#3891 When nothing is typed for macro %{some text} in a user menu entry, the rest of the script is not run mc-core master Future Releases defect new 12/21/17
#2329 Whitespace-only sequences not remembered mc-core 4.7.3 Future Releases enhancement new 08/26/10
#2124 'Whole words' option is ignored in backward search. mc-search master Future Releases defect new 03/28/10
#3146 widget-scollbar[sic]: Implement or remove mc-skin 4.8.11 Future Releases defect new 01/11/14
#1988 Working in diff filesystem doesn't allow copy operation mc-vfs Future Releases defect assigned 02/01/10
#1447 Wrap long lines in editor mcedit 4.7.0-pre1 Future Releases enhancement new 08/03/09
#2690 wrapping up: unfinished part of ticket #1730 mcview 4.8.1 Future Releases defect new 12/15/11
#2823 wrong handling of new VFS naming scheme mc-vfs 4.8.3 Future Releases defect reopened 06/01/12
#2359 Wrong PHP code highlight in mixed PHP/HTLM files mcedit Future Releases defect new 09/21/10
#2162 xdiff (binary diff) mcdiff master Future Releases enhancement new 05/01/10
#3570 xorriso under mc is slow to open an ISO mc-core 4.8.15 Future Releases defect new 11/25/15
#4059 YAML syntax highlight is broken on multiline blocks mcedit 4.8.24 Future Releases defect new 02/01/20
#1889 zsh "edit after typo" feature screws mc up mc-core 4.7.0-pre4 Future Releases defect new 12/22/09
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