Ticket #4506: 0001-sftpfs-Don-t-set-preferred-hostkey-methods-too-restr.patch

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  • src/vfs/sftpfs/connection.c

    From 3d6a74afdc228a1f76ec350104365455c1f801e2 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
    From: Michal Sojka <michal.sojka@cvut.cz>
    Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2023 01:28:38 +0200
    Subject: [PATCH] sftpfs: Don't set preferred hostkey methods too restrictively
    This fixes "sftp: failure establishing SSH session (-5)" error that
    may appear on some systems when using SFTP link feature. The error
    appears even when connecting to the same host via the "ssh" command
    works. Whether the error appears or not depends on the content of
    ~/.ssh/known_hosts file.
    Problem description:
    Midnight Commander uses ~/.ssh/known_hosts for two reasons. Obviously,
    one reason is checking for hostkey match after the SSH handshake. The
    second reason is to set preferences which host key the remote side
    should send us during the SSH handshake. And this is the problematic
    Entries in ~/.ssh/known_hosts store host names either in plain text or
    in a hashed form. libssh2 does not export host name hashes, only plain
    text host names. When mc tries to find a matching entry to set hostkey
    preferences, it cannot cannot reliably match the hashed host names.
    Before this change, mc assumed that any entry with hashed host name
    matches the connecting host and set hostkey preference to the type of
    that key. In many cases, this was incorrect. For example, when the
    first hashed entry in ~/.ssh/known_hosts appeared before the matching
    non-hashed one, and its key type was ssh-rsa, which is disabled by
    default since OpenSSH 8.8 (released 2021-09-26), then mc requested
    only the ssh-rsa host key from the remote host. Since this host key is
    likely disabled these days, no key was sent by the remote host and mc
    reported error -5 (LIBSSH2_ERROR_KEX_FAILURE).
    In this commit, we fix the problem as follows:
    1. When finding a matching known_hosts entry in order to set the
       preferred hostkey method, we ignore the entries with hashed host
       names. If we find no matching entry with the plain text host name,
       no preference is set, resulting in the server sending us whatever
       key it wants and our libssh2 supports it. Likely, that key will
       match an entry with hashed host name later during the host key
    2. If, on the other hand, a matching plain text entry is found, we use
       its type as a preference, but newly, we add other methods as a
       fallback. If the matched entry has a server-supported key type, it
       will be used. If it is not supported by the server (e.g. the old
       ssh-rsa type), the added fallback ensures that the server sends us
       some host key, which will likely match an entry with hashed host
       name later during the host key check.
    This solution is not ideal, but I think it's good enough. For example,
    the following situation is not solved ideally (I think): The
    known_hosts file contains a single entry for some server. It has a
    hashed host name and key of type B. Since we ignore hashed entries,
    the server can send its host key as type A, which is higher on the
    preference list. To the user, it will appear as that she has never
    connected to that server before. After accepting the new key, it will
    be added to known_hosts and the problem disappears.
    Ideal solution would IMHO be to create libssh2_knownhost_find()
    function in libssh2. It would allow finding all matching entries (even
    with hashed host names) in known_hosts. Midnight commander would then
    use all key types of found entries as its preference.
    Note: Since the code modified by this commit was inspired by code from
    curl, curl has the same problem. See
     src/vfs/sftpfs/connection.c | 34 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
     1 file changed, 32 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
    diff --git a/src/vfs/sftpfs/connection.c b/src/vfs/sftpfs/connection.c
    index d2466dedb..c381758cf 100644
    a b static const char *const hostkey_method_ssh_ecdsa_256 = "ecdsa-sha2-nistp256"; 
    7474static const char *const hostkey_method_ssh_rsa = "ssh-rsa"; 
    7575static const char *const hostkey_method_ssh_dss = "ssh-dss"; 
     77/* hostkey methods supported by libssh2 1.11.0 */ 
     78static const char *default_hostkey_methods = 
     79    "ecdsa-sha2-nistp256," 
     80    "ecdsa-sha2-nistp384," 
     81    "ecdsa-sha2-nistp521," 
     82    "ecdsa-sha2-nistp256-cert-v01@openssh.com," 
     83    "ecdsa-sha2-nistp384-cert-v01@openssh.com," 
     84    "ecdsa-sha2-nistp521-cert-v01@openssh.com," 
     85    "ssh-ed25519," 
     86    "ssh-ed25519-cert-v01@openssh.com," 
     87    "rsa-sha2-256," 
     88    "rsa-sha2-512," 
     89    "ssh-rsa," 
     90    "ssh-rsa-cert-v01@openssh.com," 
     91    "ssh-dss"; 
    7894 * 
    7995 * The current implementation of know host key checking has following limitations: 
    sftpfs_read_known_hosts (struct vfs_s_super *super, GError ** mcerror) 
    236252    struct libssh2_knownhost *store = NULL; 
    237253    int rc; 
    238254    gboolean found = FALSE; 
     255    char *hostkey_methods = NULL; 
     256    size_t len; 
    240258    sftpfs_super->known_hosts = libssh2_knownhost_init (sftpfs_super->session); 
    241259    if (sftpfs_super->known_hosts == NULL) 
    sftpfs_read_known_hosts (struct vfs_s_super *super, GError ** mcerror) 
    257275                continue; 
    259277            if (store->name == NULL) 
    260                 found = TRUE; 
     278                /* Ignore hashed hostnames. Currently, libssh2 offers 
     279                 * no way for us to match it. */ 
     280                continue; 
    261281            else if (store->name[0] != '[') 
    262282                found = strcmp (store->name, super->path_element->host) == 0; 
    263283            else 
    sftpfs_read_known_hosts (struct vfs_s_super *super, GError ** mcerror) 
    326346            return FALSE; 
    327347        } 
     349        /* Append the default hostkey methods (with lower priority). 
     350         * Since we ignored hashed hostnames, the actual matching host 
     351         * key might have different type than the one found in 
     352         * known_hosts for non-hashed hostname. Methods not supported 
     353         * by libssh2 it are ignored. */ 
     354        len = strlen(hostkey_method) + 1 + strlen(default_hostkey_methods) + 1; 
     355        hostkey_methods = malloc(len); 
     356        snprintf(hostkey_methods, len, "%s,%s", hostkey_method, default_hostkey_methods); 
    329358        rc = libssh2_session_method_pref (sftpfs_super->session, LIBSSH2_METHOD_HOSTKEY, 
    330                                           hostkey_method); 
     359                                          hostkey_methods); 
     360        free(hostkey_methods); 
    331361        if (rc < 0) 
    332362            goto err; 
    333363    }