Ticket #2857: mc-4.8.4-zip-complex.patch

File mc-4.8.4-zip-complex.patch, 495 bytes (added by ctmp1, 12 years ago)

use both regex and type to open zips

  • misc/mc.ext.in

    diff -ru mc/misc/mc.ext.in mc_/misc/mc.ext.in
    mc mc_  
    639639        Extract (with flags)=I=%{Enter any Arc flags:}; if test -n "$I"; then arc x $I %f; fi 
    641641# zip 
     643        Open=%cd %p/uzip:// 
     644        View=%view{ascii} @EXTHELPERSDIR@/archive.sh view zip 
    642646type/^([Zz][Ii][Pp])\ archive 
    643647        Open=%cd %p/uzip:// 
    644648        View=%view{ascii} @EXTHELPERSDIR@/archive.sh view zip