Ticket #2742: 050-ash_as_subshell_additional___mc-4.8.8.patch

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  • lib/mcconfig/paths.c

    8484    /* data */ 
    8585    { "skins",                                 &mc_data_str, MC_SKINS_SUBDIR}, 
    8686    { "fish",                                  &mc_data_str, FISH_PREFIX}, 
     87    { "ashrc",                                 &mc_data_str, "ashrc"}, 
    8788    { "bashrc",                                &mc_data_str, "bashrc"}, 
    8889    { "inputrc",                               &mc_data_str, "inputrc"}, 
    8990    { "extfs.d",                               &mc_data_str, MC_EXTFS_DIR}, 
  • tests/lib/mcconfig/user_configs_path.c

    138138    }, 
    139139    { /* 0. */ 
    140140        CONF_DATA, 
     141        "ashrc" 
     142    }, 
     143    { /* 0. */ 
     144        CONF_DATA, 
    141145        "bashrc" 
    142146    }, 
    143147    { /* 0. */ 
  • doc/man/mc.1.in

    24342434.\"NODE "  The subshell support" 
    24352435.SH "  The subshell support" 
    24362436The subshell support is a compile time option, that works with the 
    2437 shells: bash, tcsh and zsh. 
     2437shells: bash, ash (BusyBox and Debian), tcsh, zsh and fish. 
    24392439When the subshell code is activated the Midnight Commander will 
    24402440spawn a concurrent copy of your shell (the one defined in the 
    24462446environment variables, use shell functions and define aliases that are 
    24472447valid until you quit the Midnight Commander. 
    2449 If you are using 
    24502449.B bash 
    2451 you can specify startup 
    2452 commands for the subshell in your ~/.local/share/mc/bashrc file and 
    2453 special keyboard maps in the ~/.local/share/mc/inputrc file. 
    2454 .B tcsh 
    2455 users may specify startup commands in the ~/.local/share/mc/tcshrc file. 
     2450users may specify startup commands in ~/.local/share/mc/bashrc (fallback ~/.bashrc) 
     2451and special keyboard maps in ~/.local/share/mc/inputrc (fallback ~/.inputrc). 
     2453.B ash/dash 
     2454users (BusyBox or Debian) may specify startup commands in ~/.local/share/mc/ashrc (fallback ~/.profile). 
     2456.B tcsh, zsh, fish 
     2457users cannot specify mc-specific startup commands at present. They have to rely on 
     2458shell-specific startup files. 
    24572460When the subshell code is used, you can suspend applications at any 
    24582461time with the sequence C\-o and jump back to the Midnight Commander, if 
    24592462you interrupt an application, you will not be able to run other 
    24602463external commands until you quit the application you interrupted. 
    2462 An extra added feature of using the subshell is that the prompt 
    2463 displayed by the Midnight Commander is the same prompt that you are 
    2464 currently using in your shell. 
     2465A special subshell feature is that Midnight Commander displays a dynamic prompt 
     2466like "user@host:current_path> " (with known problems for fish which displays the prompt in 
     2467full-screen mode (Ctrl-o), but not when the MC panels are visible). 
    2470 section has more information on how you can control the subshell code. 
     2473section has more information on how you can control subshell usage (-U/-u). 
     2474Furthermore, to set a specific subshell different from your current SHELL variable or 
     2475login shell defined in /etc/passwd, you may call MC like this: 
     2476.B SHELL=/bin/myshell mc 
    24712477.\"NODE "Chmod" 
    24722478.SH "Chmod" 
    24732479The Chmod window is used to change the attribute bits in a group of