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=Release Guidelines=

While preparing for the release:

  • Create cleanup branch(if needed) with some little patches (usually with typecasts fixies, etc);
  • Create ticket (type=task) for release. Ticket must be blocket by cleanup branch (if present);
  • Update NEWS file into repo and Wiki;
  • New tag in git;
  • New version in Trac;
  • New milestone in trac;
  • Package tar.(gz|bzip|lzma) files and make checksums for archives;
  • Upload source packages and checksums to special upload area;
  • developers must download tarballs, verify checksums, compile and locally install. If all is ok, developers keeps votes in ticket;
  • Upload source packages and checksums to;
  • Update Wiki start page with latest release number;
  • Write an announcement: list user visible changes (bugs and features);
  • Close current milestone;
  • Close ticket for release.