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Midnight Commander

Please note that all the changes contained in this release will also make it into the next release of the "master" branch. The 4.8.1.x release series will only contain bug fixes and stabilization patches.

Major changes since


  • Minimal GLib version is 2.12.0


  • uc1541 extfs plug-in updated up to version 2.5 (#2935)


  • Reset selection after text paste (only in non-persistent selection mode) (#2660)
  • Don't indent blank lines (#303)
  • Add .psgi as Perl syntax highlighting (#2912)


Diff viewer


  • Code cleanup (#2889, #1950)
  • Remove the empty contrib/dist/debian/ since it maintained separately in Debian (#2871)
  • Highlight OGV files as media (#2934)
  • Added new translations:
    • Persian (fa)
    • Croatian (hr)


  • Build failure on Cygwin (#2917)
  • Fail to check ncurses library if --with-ncurses-inc and --with-ncurses-libs options are used (#2926)
  • Crash on Solaris while trying to copy a file (#2906)
  • Attributes of existing directories are never preserved when copying (#2924)
  • Terminal settings are not changed when window is resized (#2198)
  • Broken path completion on paths starting with ~/ (#2898)
  • Enter into symlink to commpressed patch shows empty patch (#2910)
  • Test failure on Cygwin due to incorrect linkage flag (#2918)
  • Non-portable test (#2883)