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Midnight Commander

Please note that all the changes contained in this release will also make it into the next release of the "master" branch. The 4.8.1.x release series will only contain bug fixes and stabilization patches.

Major changes since




  • Code refactoring and cleanup (#1977)


Diff viewer


  • Use unrar to view RAR archives if rar is unavailable (#2847)
  • Syntax highlighting news and updates:
    • update assembler.syntax: x86 AMD64 registers highlighting (#2542)
    • new cmake.syntax: preliminary and incomplete syntax file for CMakeLists.txt files (#2084)
    • new dlink.syntax: syntax highlighting for D-Link switches command set (#2649)
    • update properties.syntax: more nice look-and-feel (#1869)
  • File extension support:
    • .ogm extension was deprecated in favor of .ogv (#2664)


  • CK_History removes CK_HistoryNext entries (#2313)
  • Partially broken loading of user-defined keymap file (#2848)
  • Enter on directory named '~' goes to the home one (#2874)
  • Cannot Copy/Move files with filename encoding change (#2791)
  • Duplicate entities in panel with 'tree view' mode (#2835)
  • Broken synchronization with filelist and tree panels (#2862)
  • mcedit segfaults after call "Back from declaration" (#2859)
  • mcedit: unable to save changes in "Safe save" mode(#2832)
  • Broken 'Enter' action on a rpm file containing space character in filename (#2838)
  • extfs: uc1541 broken handling (#2864)
  • mc.ext: OGV format handled as audio (#2869)