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Midnight Commander

It's preliminary version to be ready for release any day.

Please note that all the changes contained in this release will also make it into the next release of the "master" branch. The 4.7.5.x release series will only contain bug fixes and stabilization patches.

Major changes since





Diff viewer


  • Updated nice dark skin (#1791)


  • Find file: "Search for content" checkbox is disabled by default (#2462)
  • Build failure on DragonFly BSD (#2516)
  • ctrl-g key closes file panels (#2520)
  • Unused variable if without WITH_BACKGROUND (#2515)
  • Editor: incorrect detection of the word boundary (added '{', '}' as end of word) (#2500)
  • Bold and selected colors of viewer cannot be set in the command line (#2489)
  • Diff viewer: quick left/right movements don't work in non-default key maps (#2509)
  • "cd ~" processed incorrectly in the command line if more than one space is separating the "cd" and "~" (#2120)
  • Screen and input corruption under xterm (non-UTF) (#1668)