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Midnight Commander 4.7.5-pre1

It's preliminary version for to be ready for release any day.

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Major changes since 4.7.4


  • Case insensitive sort order of files does not mix dot-files with others (#1894)
  • Repeat previous quicksearch on C-s C-s (without entering text) (#2365)
  • Added new colors for dialogs and status bars (#2170, #2171, #2197)
  • Added new action PanelSmartGotoParentDir. Not defined by default. This keybinding maybe used for bind 'Backspace' as hotkey for 'cd ..' (only if command line is empty)(#2375)


  • Hide panels before connect to the FISH (#2268)


  • Internal editor's bookmarks are persistent now and not lost after exit from the editor. They are saved in ~/.mc/filepos file (#2287)
  • Added forgotten shortcuts from 4.6 branch (#2404)
  • Added cython syntax highlighting (#2427)


  • Speed up of up/down moving (#2229)

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  • The shortcut was changed from 'ctrl-x, ctrl-y' to 'ctrl-x, ctrl-d' (#2177)


  • Changed installation destination for some files (#1424):
    • /etc/mc/Syntax -> /usr/share/mc/syntax/Syntax;
    • /etc/mc/mc.lib -> /usr/share/mc/mc.lib;
    • /etc/mc/mc.charsets -> /usr/share/mc/mc.charsets. Added capability to load codepage list from /usr/share/mc/mc.charsets and /etc/mc/mc.charsets and merge them then;
    • Hint files are installed into /usr/share/mc/hints instead of /usr/share/mc;
    • Help files are installed into /usr/share/mc/help instead of /usr/share/mc.
  • Massive reorganizing of source code tree and total indentation in according with mc policy (#2409)
  • Doc updates
  • Translation updates
  • Added new translations: Basque, Estonian, Georgian, Indonesian
  • autotools: Extended list of GCC warning flags (#2409)
  • autotools: Split GLib and GModule compiler and linker options (#2409)
  • Added dark skin


  • Hang up after exit on FreeBSD (#2333, #2415)
  • Segfault on NetBSD >= 3.0 on startup (#2425)
  • Multi-screen engine doesn't handle correctly some cases (#1490)
  • Overflow of file operation counters (#2429)
  • Fx key numbers were not displayed for disabled keys (#2350)
  • Can't put char '?' into a new name (#2327)
  • Incorrect initial value of WCheck and WRadio widgets width (#2362)
  • Panel encoding is not shown correctly in "Choose codepage" dialog (#1512)
  • Cannot change panel encoding without VFS support (#2137)
  • Panel contents isn't scrolled down by mouse dragging (#2395)
  • Panel states are saved in panels.ini at quit only if "Auto save panels setup" option is set (#1939)
  • Incorrect key event handling in "Listing mode" dialog (#2045)
  • Usability of field history in "Find file" dialog (#2046, #2407)
  • Find "Whole words" search bug (#2396)
  • Directory ignorance does't work in file find (#2366, #2434)
  • Incorrect line jump when started as editor (#2344)
  • User menu in standalone mcedit doesn't show filetype-specific items (#1651)
  • Configure script doesn't set samba configdir (#2419)
  • Lost transparency colors in mcedit [editnormal] background depends on [normal] (#1785)
  • Syntax highlighting is lost after manual change (#2324)
  • ~ is not treated properly in editor's "Save As" dialog (#2398)
  • Broken action 'cursor beyond EOL' (#2135, #2411)
  • Incorrect charset encoding in search in editor (#2417)
  • Segmentation fault in mcviewer on ARM architecture (#2356)
  • Viewer 'Goto' dialog doesn't allow go to the specified offset exactly (#2435)
  • Broken IPv4 FTP connection scheme (#121)
  • Default internal FISH scripts are broken (#2347)