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Midnight Commander 4.7.0-pre1

We have finally released the first preliminary release Midnight Commander 4.7.0-pre1!

This release incorporates many code refactoring changes, user interface improvements, numerous bugfixes and new features.


Major changes since 4.6.2:

Changes in the core

  • Native UTF-8 support;
  • Support for filename charset selection in panels;
  • Reworked 'Find File' dialog;
  • New unified search/replace engine with multiple search types: plain, wildcard, regexp and hex;
  • Improved 'Learn Keys' dialog;
  • Locale-based codepage autodetection;
  • Initial support for Doxygen generated docs;
  • Build system updates (autoconf)
  • Translation updates
  • Multiple x86_64 fixes


  • various editor enchancements (vertical block marking/moving/copy/paste)
  • navigate across source code through ctags/etags TAGS file
  • new option 'Persistent selection'
  • Del/Backspace? - delete selected block if 'Persistent selection' switch off
  • shift block right with TAB key by TAB size or TAB symbol, shift block left with COMPLETE key if 'Persistent selection' switch off
  • optional show line number
  • various syntax files updates
  • optional highlighting of tabs and trailing spaces
  • add some hot-keys


  • show free space on current file system
  • show size of selected files in mini-status bar


  • editor undo fixes
  • included many fixes from other distributions
  • fixed fish handling for symlinks and fancy names to be escaped
  • fixed fish permission checks that can be cause of segfault
  • various mc.ext fixes
  • commandline completion fixes (mainly, escaping hadling)
  • small fixes in history handling (locale independent .mc/history entries)
  • slow search in viewer (and we still have place to optimize it)
  • code cleanups, various memleak/etc fixes (many thanks to valgrind)