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Some more project ideas

Google Summer of Code 2009

We're listing here some ideas we have which could be done as a good GSoC project. Please note that this page should give you only a rough view about what could be done.

As you probably know there is currently no UTF8 Support in Midnight Commander at all. As most systems nowadays use UTF8 this is badly needed for us. There are a existing set of patches which is currently used by the distributions. As this patches are more or less not very good, some stuff needs to be rewritten.

Currently mc uses it own vfs code to access remote filesystems. As some of them are quite buggy we decided to switch to a new vfs library called libmvfs. As this lib doesn't handle atm all remote filesystems we need there is great help appreciated in order to add this into the lib. As this is really much work there are maybe two or more projects here.

Currently mc is not usable while copying large files or similiar. Moving such actions into own threads would help here. However this will most probably need a major rewrite of some functions.

As you probably know it's currently not possible to copy something from another window into mcedit or from mcedit into another window. As a good editor should able to handle this we need this support :).

Currently mcedit is called via mc -e.. As we would like to make two or three binaries out of mc (mc, mcedit, mcview) this would be a great step into the right direction.

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