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UTF8 Support for Midnight Commander

State of the Art

Currently there is no UTF8 support at all, users need to use patches provided from the distributions to really use mc on UTF8 systems. As the number of UTF8 Systems rapidly grow, we need as fast as possible UTF8 Support inside MC.

The current set of branches which are mostly used have several drawbacks:

  • some mc functions doesn't work: mc -a (for example)
  • some completion stuff is simply broken and leads to segfaults
  • the code is currently written to support slang1 and slang2, as we decided to drop the support for slang1 many #ifdefs can simply be removed
  • general code cleanup - this code is not in a good state currently, so many things need a rewrite
  • -ansi -pedantic compability: atm mc won't compile with -ansi -pedantic with utf8 patches applied. this should be fixed

What you should do