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Midnight Commander Binaries

While normally binaries are provided by distributions who choose to ship mc along with their packages, we do provide binaries for several most popular distributions, mostly for reference and testing purposes. However, please be warned, that we do not offer any support for these. If you encounter any problems, you are generally going to be asked to rebuild the sources from current git master and check whether the problem is already fixed or not. Another rule of thumb is to always use search before opening new tickets.

Debian and Ubuntu


You can track the package development here.


We host a PPA, containing latest rebuild of the official Debian package for all currently supported Ubuntu series:

This PPA also contains pre-patched vte package to fix the cursor bug in vte-based terminal emulators.

To use the packages provided by the PPA, install the signing key first:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys F82FBD49

Then add the corresponding lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list, replacing YOUR_DISTRO with the corresponding release name (hardy, intrepid, etc.):

deb YOUR_DISTRO main 
deb-src YOUR_DISTRO main 

and perform a system upgrade:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

In case you need support with the package, please use mc-devel mailing list.

Redhat-based distros

The very same machine that is currently being used as a buildhost for nightly builds also provides release builds for all currently supported Redhat distributions. Be warned, however, that these builds possible do not offer the same stability that is expected from distro builds, so please encourage the acceptance of the new versions of mc in the distribution in the first place.

The installation is identical to the process, described on the NightlyBuilds page with the notable exception, that you will have to use mc-releases-el.repo and mc-releases-fc.repo respectively instead.

Other distributions

We are not aware of any other builds at the moment.