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    24592459The subshell support is a compile time option, that works with the 
    24602460shells: bash, ash (BusyBox and Debian), tcsh, zsh and fish. 
    2462 When the subshell code is activated the Midnight Commander will 
     2462When the subshell support is active, Midnight Commander will 
    24632463spawn a concurrent copy of your shell (the one defined in the 
    24642464.B SHELL 
    24652465variable and if it is not defined, then the one in the /etc/passwd 
    users (BusyBox or Debian) may specify startup commands in ~/.local/share/mc/ashr 
    24802480users cannot specify mc-specific startup commands at present. They have to rely on 
    24812481shell-specific startup files. 
    2483 When the subshell code is used, you can suspend applications at any 
     2483The following paragraphs are relevant only when the subshell support is 
     2486You can suspend applications at any 
    24842487time with the sequence C\-o and jump back to the Midnight Commander, if 
    24852488you interrupt an application, you will not be able to run other 
    24862489external commands until you quit the application you interrupted. 
    2488 A special subshell feature (except Bash shell) is that Midnight Commander displays a dynamic prompt 
    2489 like "user@host:current_path> " (with known problems for fish which displays the prompt in 
    2490 full-screen mode (Ctrl-o), but not when the MC panels are visible). 
     2491The basic prompt displayed by Midnight Commander is of the form 
     2492"user@host:current_path$ ". When using a capable shell, like Bash, the 
     2493prompt displayed by Midnight Commander will be the same prompt that you 
     2494are currently using in your shell. 
    2492 An extra added feature for Bash shell of using the subshell is that the prompt 
    2493 displayed by the Midnight Commander is the same prompt that you are 
    2494 currently using in your shell. 
     2496(There's a known problem when using fish: the prompt is displayed only in 
     2497full screen mode (Ctrl-o), not when the panels are visible.)