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Output of autogen.sh

1Copying file ABOUT-NLS
2Copying file config/config.rpath
3Creating directory intl
4Copying file intl/ChangeLog
5Copying file intl/Makefile.in
6Copying file intl/VERSION
7Copying file intl/bindtextdom.c
8Copying file intl/config.charset
9Copying file intl/dcgettext.c
10Copying file intl/dcigettext.c
11Copying file intl/dcngettext.c
12Copying file intl/dgettext.c
13Copying file intl/dngettext.c
14Copying file intl/eval-plural.h
15Copying file intl/explodename.c
16Copying file intl/finddomain.c
17Copying file intl/gettext.c
18Copying file intl/gettextP.h
19Copying file intl/gmo.h
20Copying file intl/hash-string.h
21Copying file intl/intl-compat.c
22Copying file intl/l10nflist.c
23Copying file intl/langprefs.c
24Copying file intl/libgnuintl.h.in
25Copying file intl/loadinfo.h
26Copying file intl/loadmsgcat.c
27Copying file intl/localcharset.c
28Copying file intl/localcharset.h
29Copying file intl/locale.alias
30Copying file intl/localealias.c
31Copying file intl/localename.c
32Copying file intl/log.c
33Copying file intl/ngettext.c
34Copying file intl/os2compat.c
35Copying file intl/os2compat.h
36Copying file intl/osdep.c
37Copying file intl/plural-exp.c
38Copying file intl/plural-exp.h
39Copying file intl/plural.c
40Copying file intl/plural.y
41Copying file intl/printf-args.c
42Copying file intl/printf-args.h
43Copying file intl/printf-parse.c
44Copying file intl/printf-parse.h
45Copying file intl/printf.c
46Copying file intl/ref-add.sin
47Copying file intl/ref-del.sin
48Copying file intl/relocatable.c
49Copying file intl/relocatable.h
50Copying file intl/textdomain.c
51Copying file intl/vasnprintf.c
52Copying file intl/vasnprintf.h
53Copying file intl/vasnwprintf.h
54Copying file intl/wprintf-parse.h
55Copying file intl/xsize.h
56Creating directory m4
57Copying file m4/codeset.m4
58Copying file m4/gettext.m4
59Copying file m4/glibc2.m4
60Copying file m4/glibc21.m4
61Copying file m4/iconv.m4
62Copying file m4/intdiv0.m4
63Copying file m4/intmax.m4
64Copying file m4/inttypes-pri.m4
65Copying file m4/inttypes.m4
66Copying file m4/inttypes_h.m4
67Copying file m4/isc-posix.m4
68Copying file m4/lcmessage.m4
69Copying file m4/lib-ld.m4
70Copying file m4/lib-link.m4
71Copying file m4/lib-prefix.m4
72Copying file m4/longdouble.m4
73Copying file m4/longlong.m4
74Copying file m4/nls.m4
75Copying file m4/po.m4
76Copying file m4/printf-posix.m4
77Copying file m4/progtest.m4
78Copying file m4/signed.m4
79Copying file m4/size_max.m4
80Copying file m4/stdint_h.m4
81Copying file m4/uintmax_t.m4
82Copying file m4/ulonglong.m4
83Copying file m4/wchar_t.m4
84Copying file m4/wint_t.m4
85Copying file m4/xsize.m4
86Copying file config/mkinstalldirs
87Copying file po/Makefile.in.in
88Copying file po/Makevars.template
89Copying file po/Rules-quot
90Copying file po/boldquot.sed
91Copying file po/en@boldquot.header
92Copying file po/en@quot.header
93Copying file po/insert-header.sin
94Copying file po/quot.sed
95Copying file po/remove-potcdate.sin
96libtoolize: putting auxiliary files in AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, `config'.
97libtoolize: linking file `config/ltmain.sh'
98libtoolize: putting macros in `m4'.
99libtoolize: linking file `m4/libtool.m4'
100libtoolize: linking file `m4/ltoptions.m4'
101libtoolize: linking file `m4/ltsugar.m4'
102libtoolize: linking file `m4/ltversion.m4'
103libtoolize: linking file `m4/lt~obsolete.m4'
104libtoolize: Consider adding `AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4])' to configure.ac and
105libtoolize: rerunning libtoolize, to keep the correct libtool macros in-tree.
106configure:1758: error: possibly undefined macro: _m4_text_wrap_word
107      If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
108      See the Autoconf documentation.